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We Foster to Adopt Special Cats & Kittens Rochester


All Cat And Kitten Adoptions Always $25.00!

Every Adoption Includes Great Incentives And Extras Too! 

 "Cat's. - Best Thing To Happen Since Kittens" - Joe Boucher

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 ***Preliminary message: We are a very small special needs or difficult to place, cat and kitten rescue group. If upon emailing or calling you do not get a reply with 24 hours maximum, it means we regretfully are not able to help. Very sorry and thanks for looking out for cats!

Operating in Rochester, we are a NYS Not-For-Profit, Tax Exempt  and IRS 501-C3 Exempt organization. We foster-to-adopt, or sponsor special needs cats such as seniors, FIV+, blind, deaf or crippled, or un-weaned kittens. We foster until a forever home is found. We help cat's with special circumstances such as risk of sudden displacement. We also will rehab sick or injured cats to make them adopt-ready. All cats are spay/neutered, fully vetted and micro-chipped and qualified adopters receive numerous extra's with the adoption!

We are NOT a shelter and don't house cats. We are considered a rescue. We try to evaluate each contact as to whether we can foster or sponsor the cats.   

An adoption donation is required of at least 25.00 but more is appreciated. We will bring the cat or kitten to you for a visit and/or the adoption! Each adoption comes with 10.00 Petsaver Store voucher and Free Cat or Kitten Health Exam Certificate, One Month Free Pet First Insurance, AND more - See Our Available Cats Page!

***New New New - Each adoption now also includes a free scratch pad. 


Every Adoption Includes Great Incentives And Extras To

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Lucky - Excessively Affectionate and Loving

Be a "Deliberate Adopter" - Save This FIV+ Cat 


              Low Cost Micochipping - See Microchip Page Too!


                        We Provide 20.00 Microchips For ANY Pet!                          Includes Lifetime Registration 

We will sell microchip for your pet even if we didn't adopt to you.

One in three pets get lost at some point and 90% are not reunited if not chipped. We have seen too many animals permanently separated from their owners.  Please chip your pets!

 *Also, we can transfer current chips from another vendor for 10.99 which also gets you the once only registration. 



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