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mazing Grace - Crippled but full of love!



 This is Amazing, and she truly is. If you fancy yourself as a special-needs cat adopter or caregiver, you need to seriously look into this cat and her story.

Amazing is about two and is spayed and UTD on everything. She is presently living at the vet’s office that helped save her. Dr Staderman and her wonderful staff have given Amazing a real chance at life and truly adore her, and are taking excellent care of her. But she needs her own furever home and it can be with other cats too!

In June 2014, two gentlemen who worked next door at the car dealership brought her in. They were moving cars and saw her lying in a ditch. Not exactly sure what happened, but most likely she was run over. Dr. Staderman said there was a chance she would regain use of her back hind legs. After a couple months of cage rest, her back left leg was completely amputated. She has some use of her back right leg, and her front legs are incredibly strong.

She has no control of her bowels or bladder, and requires a diaper when shes out and about. We need someone who is comfortable with the idea of “expressing” her bladder. This is when pressure is applied to cause her to urinate, when full. We will show you how to do it.

Amazing loves to play and does not let her disabilities get in her way. All around she is a loving, sweet, affectionate cat. She would do well in a home with someone who is retired or stays at home the majority of the time but she can be crated with no diaper when left alone. She aslo has a cart but because of the limited room in the hospital, she hasnt become acclimated to it yet.

Please watch her video on our site. She pulls herself around and her back lack drags behind her. If you have a pulse and a heart, you can’t help to be truly moved and inspired to watch her try to have a good life as a cat. But she can’t do it without you. Please contact us, not the vet, to do initial inquiries about her. You won’t be sorry you did!


MIKEY - Amazing Companion

We are assisting a gentleman find a new home for his 12-year old kitty, Mikey. They have been companions to each other since Mikey was just a kitten. He has had the same owner and a few different residences, to which he adjusted immediately.
His owner Robert, describes Mikey as "just a really mellow and easy going guy." We have helped kitties like this, who respond very well to simple structure and routine and do very well knowing that they are able to be with their owner, and get their basic needs met.
Mikey is low maintenance in as much as if he has his basic needs met, he thrives. These needs include simple things like being able to snuggle up next to his person on the love seat, get some playtime such as bonifide hide and seek, get brushed (adores it) and of course, gets his yummy food. He is a grazer and very easy to feed as well.
Mikey is very easy to have as a cat and Robert says he is just "the best companion cat anyone could hope for. His is also a greeter and loves to talk. He is master of his own domain as part of his actual activity includes checking things out, making sure his person is there and ok and just overall being the love guard of the home.
Robert has been struggling with the reality of having to rehome his kitty, but has come to that conclusion due to intractable allergies of his new wife. We as a rescue explored other options to be sure this is what is necessary due to the stress and loss factors, on both. We will be selecting a home that is hopefully quiet, where there is a basic routine and where his simple needs can be met.
Please don't be scared of his age; we have adopted many seniors, as old as 20 (recent adoption) and many around his age, who are doing great. Mikey is very healthy and comes with a recent health exam, all his creature comforts, and the many incentives on the top of this page. Consider being a "Deliberate Adopter" and giving an older cat a home. This might be one of the best choices in your life you could make!

 Brotherly Lickfest  <<<  View Video Here
We were contacted by a wonderful gentleman who has these two kitties that he and his family adore. Sadly, after lots of effort (dealt with this from first child and more recently a second one, four years in fact) they are having to accept that the allergy issues are intractable and he is a doctor so we are confident that they need to be rehomed. Below is the initial bio for the two kitties. We need them to stay together so that they will thrive in their new life adventure in a loving home.
JB - an overall great guy, loves to relax and stretch, and once he warms up he will love it when you scratch his head and neck!  he will extend his paw and grab your hand, pulling it in to say “I’m ready for some petting and attention!”  He’ll readily lick your hand to ‘help’ you along when petting him.  Doesn’t require a lot of attention, but he will jump up on the back of the chair when you get home to greet you!  He loves his little catnip pillow, and often carries it around from room to room.  He is a sucker for little bits of turkey and chicken too! JB has Hyperthyroidism which is easily manageable with a very affordable medication which he is being started on currently. 
Cat Stevens- he is an adorable, cuddly guy with a lot of charm!  Warm, soft, and personable.  He loves to jump up on your lap when you’re sitting and loves to be groomed and petted.  His big eyes and soft meow make it hard to resist!  And he also loves to play with simple things like strings and laces.  A really lovable tabby! 


Presening The "Quartet De-Clawless"
 Doing In Home Performances

Today I went over to do our standard kitty intake with two senior citizens who will be moving soon and won't have the space any more for these absolutely delightful and joyful four kitties. I was immediately struck by the vibrancy and outward gestures of affection and playfulness  toward a total stranger.

While we would prefer the kitties stay with their peeps who they have been with all their lives, we support their efforts to find  good loving homes for these wonderful girls. Therefore, we are looking for an absolute miracle - a home for all four. We have placed three in the same home in the past but not four. That being said, we are going to take it case by case, kitty by kitty, prospective adopter by adopter and will be willing to separate as long as each kitty has kitty companion adopted as pairs or single if necessary into a kitty household. They are great with dogs.

We are developing bios for each cat and will be posting videos and more pix after Feb 17. For now, the information is as follows: they are all declawed, all paws. They are seniors, all domestic short hair. They are strictly indoor cats and have been on dry food but we have asked the owners to change diets to wet food exclusively. They all are accustomed to being with other cats and there are of course dynamics of behavior relative to co-mingling habitation. For example, they all eat in a row together, their litter boxes area all lined up and each has their own favoriet, they freguently mutual groom each other and all nap and sleep together quite often. Some of these will shift and change, some will probably stop and new ones will develop vis a vi the new homes they are placed in. Their personalities and behaviors do change over time as with people, cats are not static. So we will work with the new adopters on transitional support to address things such as enrichment, stress reduction tactics (ie calming collars and Feliway Spray) as well as overall well-being of the kitties post-adoption. 

CALLI - Calli is one of four absolutely precious sisters who are all 13 and all four paw declawed. She loves naps in high spots, is very social and a bit bossy but never agressively so. She has catitude. Of the four, she is probably the leader and the most assertive. She is very easy going and friendly to people and cats as well as dogs and just loves everyone. She adores having her whole face rubbed and is a great poser being an ornament cat at times. She sees herself as quite beautiful and inspiring of admiration by all!

JINGLES - Jingles is probably the most mischevious of the Quartet De La Clawless, one of four fabulous wonderful 13 year old kitties. She is all four decalawed, loves toys especially chasing balls around the house. She enjoys watching people and things and loves to lay in wait to pounce on you or her sisters. She is the most energetic of the sisters and loves to be rubbed, especially her belly. Her and Apricot are playmates quite often.  She is a polydactal (extra toes)

JETE - She was named after a ballet dance move. Of the four 13 year old sisters, she is the most talkative, outward and social. She is also a huge love sponge and can be thought of as a lap cat. She will do her kneading (breadmaking) on your back and shoulders, making a great massage kitty. She loves being held like a baby and being brushed, as well as bellyrubs. 

APRICOT is a kitty who adores being petted and brushed. She is the calmest of the four 13 year old declawed sisters. She enjoys belly rubs. She is a great eater and gives great headbutts. She is independant at times and enjoys quiet solo naps. She likes being held like a baby and is a total lovesponge. Her knickname is Apricat. 


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