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We can ALWAYS use fosters to help cats stay alive. It is so very easy. All you do is provide a room or home to house a cat or kitten for us. We do everything else! We provide food, medical care, litter and anything else needed. 

Fostering can be an incredible joy and there are not permanent committments. Having a critter around can make your day better, give you a sense of making a difference and a lot of fun too.

Fostering is short-term and usually no extra things are needed. Sometimes it might be a medication or monitoriing as they heal if they are sick or injured. 

Please open your heart and home and saver a life today! 


   Can you help a foster parent with their foster cat?

  Please consider being REMOTE FOSTER to one of our cats! We are very low budget and keep hard to place cats as long as necessary to find them homes.  You can  help someone fostering a cat, thereby being foster!

  When we acquire a cat, we also take on the medical, nutritional and day to day responsibilities. You can remotely foster by either dropping supplies to cat, or making arrangements for help with basic medical care on foster's behalf, directly with specified vet.  Occasionally a foster will need a vaccination booster or other routine medical care. You control 100% how every dollar is spent, for your foster(s). 

As their remote foster, you can also increase the chances of adoption quite a bit by listing them in any of your social media such as Facebook. You can help show your foster at adoption event too! Sometimes you will be co-fostering with the person physically fostering your cat.

  You may also want to help your foster get to vet appointments if needed and also come to the adoption itself, so we and the new owner can thank you! 

***Two of our cats have a remote sponsor. She has cats, loves cats and wanted to foster cats as well. She is unable to physically foster at this time so she chose to "remotely" foster. Now she has the joy and satisfaction knowing this is directly assisting her fosters and also is able to know where her help is going. She has provided food and litter thus far!

She has more recently helped with medications for Crosby as well as flea treatments for Boots. We are extremely grateful. 


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