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               We Provide $20.00 Microchips For ANY Pet!                                    Includes Lifetime Registration!

***Please be sure to read the important alert about registration on the bottom of this page!

EXTREMELY important.


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 You would be astounded how many pets are executed SIMPLY because they are not microchipped - cats' or dogs' owners could not be located. If your pet accidentally gets lost, and it can happen easier then you think (cats especially), any Veterinary clinic or shelter such as an SPCA will scan pet and can look you up and contact you.

***We can provide you top of the line microchip for only 20.00 and you can ask your vet to insert it. Most vets ought to be willing to do that fast insertion, especially since it can save the pets life. We are seeking out vets who will commit to inserting them for free when purchased for this extremely low fee. 

Please check back soon but don't hesitate to get a chip for your pet. See our calender page or contact us directly.

 LiFeline Adoptions is enrolled in a special program by Petfinder and Home Again called "chipfurkeeps."  This is to increase pets being reunited with their owners in case of separation.  

 Here's what comes with the registration:

24/7 lost pet specialists
rapid lost pet alerts
personalized lost pet posters
24/7 emergency medical hotline
travel assistance for lost pets
***Items above are included with the fee. Even if you don't purchase them each year,your contact info
remains on file with Home Again permanently.


***One in three pets get lost at some point and 90% are not reunited if not chipped. We have seen too many animals permanently separated forever! 



 *Your vet can insert chip if you prefer to purchase one.

Purchase One Here 

   And Because You're Responsible Pet Owner, Remember This Date!


Click  on picture to register for free lifetime 


 Important Important Important!!!

Make sure your pet's chip(s) is REGISTERED. Despite clear success in saving a percentage of lost pets, certain shelters and humane societies use 24Petwatch chips and they do NOT have a lifetime registration. You have to pay annually. Nor do they report to AAHA DIRECTORY which is the most visited one, to trace the owner a pet when lost and chip is scanned. Meaning, your pet could be scanned and you might not be located!

If you have 24Petwatch (always begins with 0A1 followed by with seven digits OR 98_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _), YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE END OF FIRST YEAR. This is real, we have encountered it ourselves more then once.

GOOD NEWS! You can register for free for life at and this directory DOES INTERLINK with AAHA.

Forty percent of chips out there are NOT REGISTERED and need to be to ensure better chance of you being located should  your pet become lost! Don't let your pet get separated and only THEN ask yourself if registration is current! If you have to ask - it probably isn't.

     READ Petpalooza Magazine Microchip Article <<< Good Summary
















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