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We Foster to Adopt Special Cats & Kittens Rochester

                          We May Be Able To Sponsor Your Cat(s)

We sponsor cats when we don’t have a foster which also keeps them in their home until directly placed into new home. This greatly reduces stress eliminating the in-between time and foster home. We ask you to keep your cat until adopted even if that means zoning them in a separate room for a while.

What this involves is doing assessment on phone to determine what is needed to make cat adopt-ready. Based on this and other factors, we meet you and cat in person and complete a sponsor form. This lays out what we and you will do in a partnership to find a good forever home for your cat.

We try to get good pictures as well as video if possible. We post the cat on several websites including ours, Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet Directory, Petsmart Charities Site, National Humane Society for Shelter Pets and Craiglist. In addition we show cats at adoption events in different stores. Many get adopted at these events.

In an effort to boost incentive for folks to adopt, we offer the following with the adoption - Free health exam certificate for Banfield, $10.00 merchandise voucher for Petsaver Store, free in-home nail clipping from our groomer and a free scratch post. Most of the time we are able to pass on food and litter box as well. We also offer complimentary micrcochip that has lifetime registration. We assist you in registering new chip o own er, as they are wild cats..send me

We also are now offering a month of complimentary emergency veterinary treatments insurance should it become necessary. This will be unfolding but for now Pet finder ui 

We have placed numerous cats using the sponsor approach and they benefit greatly from this. Please consider this option to slow the process down and increase chance of getting a great forever home for your cat(s). There is no charge but we do ask for a donation up front if manageable. The process is quick and simple and gets cats homes!



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